From ‘Never Trump’ to ‘OK Trump, I guess, because Hillary is just so blah’

As I publish this post it’s November 3rd, 5 days before election day 2016, and the Cubs just played the Indians in Game 7 of the World Series… and won! America needed that World Series — Congrats to the Cubbies for finally getting it done!

But back to the issue at hand. By now most people know me as that annoying “Never Trump holier than thou” guy that won’t shut up on social media.

However, I’ve always been a little uneasy with being ‘Never Trump’ because of the natural side effect of it helping to elect Hillary Clinton. In fact, as recently as just about two and a half weeks ago I once again tried to make my case for hedging until 2020 in an effort to ease my conscience.

My 4.5 year old insists on putting a Trump sign in our yard. Eh, why not.

But now, I’m moving toward Trump — and am pretty much there — but first let’s look at how I’ve gotten here.

At first, I was willing to leave the presidential line blank and only vote down ballot.

Then I was going to support the Libertarians to help with future ballot access. However, Gary Johnson has slowly imploded while Bill Weld has turned out to be a Clinton shill, so they’ve made it tough for me to throw my vote their way.

Then I was going to write-in Evan McMullin (or is it ‘David McMullin‘?) because of his momentum in Utah.

Then I realized a vote for Trump in ME-02 actually increases the possibility of sending the election to the House because it would take a delegate from Hillary’s quest for 270 (thereby ultimately helping McMullin’s chances — convoluted, I know).

The tide began shifting toward Trump for me when WikiLeaks began to show more and more of the dark underbelly that is the Clinton machine.

Then the FBI re-opened the investigation against Hillary Clinton because of the discovery of new emails , some possibly containing classified information, on insecure devices belonging to Anthony Weiner (the estranged perve husband of top Clinton aide Huma Aberdin). How is it conceivable that we have a presidential candidate under not one, but two FBI investigations?!

And now, it looks like an indictment is looming for issues other than just these newly found emails.

Most importantly, polls are now moving in such a way that Trump could win this — or at least make it close. In ME-02, my home district, Trump is popular and my vote could make a difference in deciding who gets our one delegate. I had always told people earlier this year that if you showed me a poll near election day where Trump was within striking distance of Clinton, then maybe I would consider voting for him. Well, we’re definitely there now.

And finally, my gut and political radar just tells me Hillary is as corrupt as they come willing to do anything for power. I can’t be complicit in her rise to the presidency.

Is there still room on the train?

Let the Democrats try again in 2020, but I’m not going to sit idly by and let my vote aid in the election of Hillary Clinton. If she wins next week, so be it, but the blood won’t be on my hands.

Mike Pence, I’m coming home

I join Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz, and other begrudging Trump voters in helping to “Make America Not Clinton Again” — or whatever.

And then, there’s my 4.5 year old doing this to help put me over the top.

I know I said no more political posts, but this is too funny not to share. Max found the Trump sign I had put in the basement after someone stuck it on our lawn, and well, watch for yourself…

Posted by Aaron Prill on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gotta love kids!