Fellow Christian, Trump may need us but we do not need him


If I had a dollar for every time a fellow Christian told me we “need Trump”, I could single-handedly fund my church’s next building campaign.

The line of reasoning typically goes something like this —

  • Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice but he is the only good choice remaining.
  • If Hillary wins she will appoint very liberal justices to the Supreme Court and we will “lose many of our freedoms.”
  • Hillary does not believe the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to own guns. She will appoint justices who will “take away our guns”.
  • Hillary Clinton wants more Syrian refugees imported into our nation and she wants a country with open borders.
  • Hillary Clinton wants abortion on demand, and at any time during the pregnancy.
  • We “need Donald Trump” to keep President Hillary Clinton and her liberal agenda from becoming a reality.

And to which I respond the following —

  • It only takes 41 U.S. Senators to block an extreme liberal Supreme Court nominee. In this political climate, I hold out that even moderate Republicans will stand against the nomination of an extremely liberal activist judge.
  • Hillary will be gone by 2020, and 3 of the oldest judges are already liberal or liberal leaning (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kennedy). So even if she got 3 picks in 4 years, the balance of power wouldn’t even change.
  • If you don’t think Hillary will be extremely vulnerable in 2020 then you’re not paying attention. The only reason she’s even winning now is because Trump is such a TERRIBLE candidate.
  • If Hillary actually promoted “abortion on demand to the final trimester”, Americans — who have been trending more pro-life in recent years —  would revolt. Same idea in regards to trying to “take away our guns.” If she tried it, the Dems would lose huge in the 2018 midterms, and she would be a lame duck until 2020 (even better).
  • Donald Trump is only pandering to the anti-abortion vote. He doesn’t even mention the Pro-Life issue anywhere on the policies page of his website (trust me, I looked).
  • Open borders produce free markets, but if we just enforced existing immigration law we’d be fine.
  • As Christians we are called to extend a helping hand to the “least of these.” The fear-mongering when it comes to Syrian refugees is maddening.
  • A strong Republican Congress can hold her feet to the fire as the opposition party in DC. If Trump is elected, they have to carry his water — very bad for a generation of Conservatism.
  • Jesus is King, quit with the “we will lose many of our freedoms” scare tactics. You’re being fed a load of crap.
  • Hillary’s policies may result in persecution of the church from the outside, but Trump will poison it from the inside (as he is already doing). I contend the latter would be much worse.

So while Donald Trump knows he needs our votes to win, which is why he shamelessly panders for the pro-life vote and plays to the Christian Right’s need for political power, we do not need him. Vote for him if you want, but please don’t tell me I need to.

If persecution comes and our faith is tested, that just means Jesus was right. Our faith would be affirmed by such trials. Count me in, and onward to 2020!

More reading from others —

So am I not going to vote?

I still plan to vote on November 8th, and will support the Republican and conservative candidates down ballot for Congress, and at the state and local level. For president, I will likely vote for the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld libertarian ticket — not because I agree with everything they stand for, but because every vote they receive helps with ballot access for the Libertarian Party in future elections. The best way forward for this country is to support every effort to break the two-party stranglehold. In Maine, voting for Gary Johnson is the best means toward that end. If you live in Utah, I would encourage you to support Evan McMullin.

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