Responding to my pro-abortion critics, and offering a better way


I suppose I expected that offering alternatives to a specific Bangor area abortion provider would result in some flack. However, as I read the letters printed in the BDN in response to my online-only blog post ‘Things to consider before visiting a Bangor abortion clinic’ from May 4th, I could not help but think how they were actually making my point for me. The point of course being that clinics like the Mabel Wadsworth Center push abortion ahead of all other choices available to women.

The proof for this claim is in the words these 2 respondents.

Do Catholics believe other Christians are ‘saved’? And what about baptism?


Since much of this series will depend on common ground I hope to find between Catholic and Protestant beliefs, I figured the best place to start is with the question of how The Catholic Church views the eternal security of professing Christians outside their church. If we can’t even accept each other as “brothers in Christ”, then it would be difficult for me to continue. Thankfully, I discovered a foundation to build upon when I looked to the Catechism of the Catholic Church to answer this question.

Exploring Catholicism: To what end?


I have spent the last many months exploring Catholicism and Catholic Theology, and I plan to blog about my thoughts and findings in the months to come as I research further. But to what end? In fact, the interest I’ve taken has caused some people to ask if I plan to convert with my family to Catholicism. The answer to […]

SERIES OUTLINE – ‘Exploring Catholicism’: Perspectives from an adult convert to evangelical Christianity


As an adult convert to evangelical Christianity, I’ve been groomed with an anti-Catholic bias from the get-go. Furthermore, my agnostic childhood was filled with negative Catholic School stories from my mom. However, for a little over a year (as of this writing) – since right around the time of Pope Francis coming onto the scene – I have […]

BELIEF SERIES: Evolutionary ‘soul searching’ with regards to eternal life


With this article begins a new recurring series of posts on Counter Culture that I will call the “Belief Series”. And since I’m a Christian, these articles — like all others on this blog — will come from a Christian perspective. In this first installment, I discuss the incompatibility with heralding a macro-evolutionary worldview alongside a belief […]

Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man

It pays the bills, provides the health insurance, a sense of professional value — of stability. Eliminate it and I’d be forced to do something else. But what else? I’m 34 years old and have been in the same profession since I chose it by default in college, and have been in the same position […]

Author Rob Bell scratching many itchy ears as ‘Christian’ pastor and teacher


It seems people with itchy ears have found someone to scratch them (2 Tim 4:3) — ‘emergent church’ leader Rob Bell. First, it was his disdain for the doctrine of Hell with his 2011 book ‘Love Wins’. Now he has brought his flavor of Christianity to his 2013 book ‘What We Talk About When We […]

New ministry reaching Bangor’s homeless with the name of Jesus


There is power in the name of Jesus. The power to overcome fear. The power to break the chains of addiction. The power to change lives in an instant. The power to teach people love, when they have never experienced true love of their own.

With genuine faith in this life-changing power we have the mission of a new ministry in our area called City Reach Bangor. Pastor Bobby Bledsoe — a New Jersey native who moved to Maine to attend Faith School of Theology in Charleston, Maine — felt called to stay in this area and serve the ‘least of these’ in our city, and is doing so with this new ministry.