About Aaron


aaron-prill-02-26-14-gravatar“We are family”

I have been truly blessed with a beautiful wife, Sarah. We live in Bangor, Maine. We have 2 young boys — a toddler and new baby as of this writing.


“Computer Geek”

I work for a national software company that has an office in Bangor, Maine. We are a Microsoft-based software development shop where my daily duties include programming in Visual Basic, C# Winforms/ASP.net, SQL Server (T-SQL), and Crystal Reports. My development team creates accounting and student information software for local school districts and towns.

I also offer WordPress web development and hosting — as well as general web consulting — as time allows. You can inquire for my services here.


“Sinner, Saved by Grace”

I am a Christian. I profess Jesus Christ to be God — both Lord and Savior. My church family is The Rock Church in Bangor, Maine. We are a non-denominational, Christian church — visit us anytime.


“Go Blue”

I graduated from the University of Maine in 2001 with a B.S. in Business Administration, concentrating in the fields of Information Systems and Finance.