Bible Study Recap: The Rich Ruler (Luke 18/Matthew 19)


In what may become a recurring series, here is the latest video recap of the weekly Bible study I am facilitating each Saturday morning.

This past week we were in Luke 18 discussing the story of “the rich ruler”. Some things I hit on in this recap is how all our earthly possessions are really like stuff in a dream — once you wake up they’ll be gone. And I address the question, must you really sell everything you own to enter heaven (like Jesus told the rich ruler he must do)?

Top 8 things NFL player and UMaine grad Mike DeVito said about Christian Influence


NFL Player and University of Maine grad Mike DeVito recently visited The Rock Church in Bangor as the guest speaker. He spoke on the role of discipleship to influence others as Christians.

Much of what he said resonated with me as I found myself saying “yes, and amen!” many times during his message. Read on for the points that stood out the most for me (full video below).

INFOGRAPHIC: Church Small Groups with Missional Rhythms

(Click to Enlarge)

In this infographic I’ve combined about 3 different concepts (using a few different graphics found elsewhere on the web). I’ve taken Missional Community rhythms and looked to make them work with a semester-based weekly small group model. Furthermore, this “missional” small group structure could be used as the backbone for growing your local church — as […]

Why church (an informal survey)?


The purpose of this post is to get your input on this age-old question. Fellow Christian and church-goer, I want YOUR thoughts and opinions!

I am a Christian. I serve on the leadership team of a local church. I believe in Jesus Christ’s Great Commission. I support the local church’s role in helping to fulfill this mission in the world.

But in order to figure out the reason why more local churches should exist, and what we should be doing while we’re at them, I humbly submit some questions as an informal survey for my fellow Christians who are regular local church attenders.

Kicking the Facebook Habit – PART 1 – Instagram is my ‘methadone’


I was tired of Facebook sucking up all of my time. Mindlessly scrolling Facebook on my smartphone app, as well as getting sidetracked on Facebook at work, time and time again. In short, wasting time because of a perceived need to have my nose in every else’s ‘life’ (as they portray it on Facebook).

As any addiction recovery counselor will tell you, the first step in kicking a bad habit is admitting you have a problem. Overuse of Facebook was/is my vice.

The Kingdom of God: Now or Later, What, and for Whom?


When I say ‘kingdom of God’ I am referring to a tangible reality outlined in the Bible that is available to Christians once they profess faith in Christ — either in this life or the next. The results of the kingdom specifically in this life include — but are not limited to — the changes that come with being rejuvenated by the Spirit of Christ (ie, being ‘made new’), the ability to overcome sins that have a grip on our lives, the conversion of non-believers into followers of Jesus through no other means than the proclamation of the word of God, and the ability to pray bold prayers and have them answered in the here and now.

The kingdom of God is also experienced as a preview of a renewed society here on earth where our streets and land are healed through acts of justice and mercy. In short, the kingdom of God is hope on earth.

4 ways to avoid being a ‘Gospel infomercial’


All too often sharing our faith as Christians — if we even do it all — becomes a script that we recite. We do our best to remember to list all the features of what Jesus did on The Cross, before attempting to close the deal of eternal life for just one easy payment of ‘accept Jesus into your heart’. We reduce […]

The Beatitudes, and the tension of today’s Christian


Biblical justice seeks righteousness, often times at the expense of what we determine is fair in a democratic society governed by man. Only through God’s mercy are we justified and made righteous before Him. Contrarily, democratic justice seeks fairness, often times at the expense of the Biblical righteousness God commands of us. Only through man-made […]